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Contact Us

For general inquiries or questions about the conference, feel free to reach out to the organizers.



+971 2 628 5333

NYU Abu Dhabi


The conference will be held at the Conference Center (A6) at NYU Abu Dhabi in the  United Arab Emirates. 


Conference Center

New York University Abu Dhabi 

Saadiyat Island

Abu Dhabi


About the Hosts

 NYU Abu Dhabi

NYU Abu Dhabi will be one of the world's great research universities, with an exceptional liberal arts and sciences college at its core. A diverse and vital center of distinctive education and scholarship, actively embedded in NYU’s global network, it will be recognized as the model for a new paradigm in higher education: the university as an engine of a more peaceful, cooperative, and productive world. 


About CAP3

The newly established Center for Astro, Particle, and Planetary Physics is an alliance of faculty and scholars dedicated to research in astronomy, astrophysics, planetary and astroparticle physics. This alliance works to provide answers to fundamental questions about the composition and evolution of our Universe. The Center seeks to tackle these questions from several points of view by combining state-of-the-art observational data from the ground and space on the nature of visible and invisible matter, with detailed theoretical and numerical modeling from planets to galaxies, and linking them together cohesively.

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The Research Institute

The NYUAD Research Institute is a world-class center of cutting-edge and innovative research, scholarship, and cultural activity. It supports centers that address questions of global significance and local relevance and allows leading faculty members from across the disciplines to carry out creative scholarship and high-level research on a range of complex issues with depth, scale, and longevity that otherwise would not be possible.

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